Friday, March 5, 2010

looking forward

so. I just survived what could have been the most uninspiring, boring, and utterly lame week of my life. My excuse for not having anything interesting to talk about. Though my entire weekend is booked with back to back homework assignments, I'm trying to think happy thoughts about spring break, warm weather, and reuniting with friends.

saint patrick's day is coming up, and I'm super excited to finally cut loose and host a small soiree for old friends who will be visiting for the festivities! I've been browsing the web for party ideas and here are some cute finds:

rainbow cake. I LOVE this idea for saint pattys! It's super easy too...just mix a regular white or yellow cake (I recommend a homemade recipe from smitten kitchen), separate batter into six bowels and add coloring, then layer even amounts of each color in baking pans, smoothing with a spatula in between each layer of batter. Top it off with a "cloud" of white frosting!

Lucky charms cupcakes. Adorable! However, I think I'll have to choose between these and the rainbow cake....

simple, but it IS a cookie.

And of course, a green centerpiece using that old trick of placing white carnations in dyed water. magnifique!