Friday, January 28, 2011


I survived winter break. I say 'survived' because, although I should have been sipping hot chocolate (with a dash of Baileys) and watching the snow fall from my cozy sofa with a cat who refuses to sit on my lap, I was planning a wedding. Now, school has started once again and I am still planning a wedding but with a side of 'thesis' and 'graduation'. Still, what little time I have to waste I will dedicate to this blog and perhaps find some needed inspiration along the way.


  1. hey lady. it is so good to read your ideas. when is this wedding going to happen? october?

  2. June 4th!!!! ahhh so soon!! we had originally wanted an October wedding, but Josh won't be able to graduate as early as he had planned so we had to move it up.

    by the way I'm glad you still check this thing haha....I have been a very lazy blogger for a while now. I have an idea for a new blog, kind of a 50's house wife tutorial...

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